August 26, 2017

Press release


New boat party in The Hague

It's time!

After being away for a year, the municipality of The Hague gave the start signal (green light) for "Vaarnaval".

With this, The Hague is finally a varied festival richer.

This will take place on Sunday, september 10, 2017.

By 2015, the first edition became a fact. Then built on a small scale by Annette Wijdom (Fa Fa Showproductions & Dance Academy) involving Rob Andeweg at the occasion of the opening of Dance Academy The Hague.


A lot of Dutch celebs were present, which allowed Wijdom and Andeweg to show a beautiful pilot to the municipality, where it was understood that The Hague could not be left with a celebrating event, paying attention to the beautiful canals that also The Hague has . This is a nice boost in the Fa Fa's anniversary year, which has been an understanding in The Hague for 30 years now.

At the “Raegan and Gorbatsjov terrain” on the corner of the Herengracht, opposite the Central Station, the public can have access to one of the boats for a special afternoon. The festival area has free entrance. A wide variety of cosiness is all over. There’s something interesting for everyone whereby the International themes have the purpose to be connected on the water. Let the themes surprise you! In addition, there are plenty of activities at the festival area such as:

DJ workshops

Dance workshops



And a variety of entertainment


Foodtrucks etc.....

Visiting the festival area = free

Theme City Boat Trip (90 min.) = 6 euro p.p.

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